This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use and share information when you use our Services. The terms “we,” “us,” or “our” means, TuitionHero any other sites we own, our corporate entity, Liaison Labs, LLC. This website (the “Site”), our applications (the “Apps”) and all other websites, applications, widgets, products, e-mail notifications and other mediums through which you have accessed this Agreement (via desktop, mobile or other application) are collectively referred to as the “Services”. Services also include co-branded or white labeled versions of any of our websites, Apps, and other products. By accessing or using our Services, you consent to the collection, transfer, manipulation, storage, disclosure and other uses of Your Information (collectively, “Use of Your Information”) as described in this Privacy Policy.

    For purposes of this Privacy Policy, “Your Information” means information about you, which may be of a confidential nature and may include personal information. This Privacy Policy applies to our Use of Your Information as a result of you using our Services, and does not apply to the following:

    Information collected through mediums other than our Services;

    Information collected by any person or entity other than us, even if related to our Services (such as a third-party website, application, widget or lead form); or

    Information collected through our Services where a separate privacy policy applies (e.g. a sweepstakes entry that may have its own rules and privacy policy).

    In addition to this Privacy Policy, our Services are also governed by our Terms of Use and any other documents referred to in this Privacy Policy and in our Terms of Use. These documents describe information that we collect from you or that you provide on or to the Services and how Your Information may be used and disclosed by us. These documents also describe choices available to you regarding our Use of Your Information and how you can access and update Your Information. Please read this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use carefully.

    Information We Collect and Receive About You

    We may collect or receive several types of information about you. This information is collected as described below.

    Information You Provide

    When you use our Services, we collect and use data. We collect data when:

    1. Data provided directly by you when using our Services, such as your name or email.
    2. Automatic data collection during your use of our Services, including your IP address.
    3. Data obtained from third parties to support the operation of our Services.
    4. Utilization and combination of collected data to make inferences about you, such as your interests.
    5. Share information with us through a third-party application, service, or website.
    6. Participate in our marketing initiatives, such as contests, sweepstakes, events, or promotions.
    7. Engage in forums or contribute feedback, comments, user-generated content, or submissions.
    8. Create an account to access or use our Services.

    We collect this data so that we are able to provided Services to you and we do so for legitimate purposes.

    Information Third Parties Provide

    Depending on which of our services you are using, we may obtain data from other parties. Such as from social media websites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or others), blogs, other users and our business partners.

    We may also ask for your consent so that we may obtain data about you from other sources such as financial service providers.

    General Use

    We may gather, receive, and retain information related to your general utilization of our Services. This includes specifics about how and when you utilize our Services, your interactions with our Services, login details, the resources you access, your Internet Protocol ("IP") address, your browser type, and your device type, as well as your preferences.

    In a general sense, the personal information you furnish to us serves several purposes, including but not limited to:

    1. Providing the Services to you.
    2. Tailoring content, advertisements, and offers within the Services.
    3. Responding to your requests.
    4. Enhancing our service to better cater to your needs.
    5. Granting access to specific areas and features of the Services.
    6. Corresponding with you regarding your account, your utilization of the Services, and any alterations to our policies.
    7. Offering you marketing materials and promotions that align with your interests.
    8. Employing the collected information for internal business purposes.
    9. Create ad targeting Profiles (“Profiles”) based on your interactions with our Services:
      1. Profiles will not include your personal information such as your name or phone number. Profiles are associated with an identifier and may include information such as spending habits or other characteristics related to your online behavior.

    We retain the right to collect, employ, and disclose information that is automatically gathered through technological means without constraints.

    Phone Numbers:

    We may collect your phone number through various means, including:

    1. When you voluntarily submit your phone number to us through our Services.
    2. When you provide your phone number to register or facilitate the creation of a personalized account associated with our Services.
    3. When you call us, we capture your phone number during the call.
    4. If a third party shares your phone number with us.

    Device Information

    When you use our Services via your computer, mobile device, or any other gadget, we may gather data concerning your device. We may do this with technologies such as browser web storage or data caches. This could include details like hardware identifiers, device models, the type of device you're employing, operating system, the content within your requests, and fundamental statistics related to how you engage with our Services, such as the date and time of usage. This information is stored in log files. Furthermore, we have the capacity to accumulate data regarding application-related events and link them to your account to provide customer support.

    Location Information

    With your consent, we may also collect the location of information on your device to provide location based offers based on your device’s physical location (where you are) Geolocation Information, are data that is derived from your device by using satellite or cell phone tower signals to locate you within a geographic area. Precise geolocation data is equal to or less than the area of a circle with a radius of 1,850 feet and is considered sensitive personal information.

    Non-Personally Identifiable Information

    We may combine your non data with others (for example - if we measure the number of people that use our services daily) This is information that is non-identifiable and is not considered to be personal. Examples of such are gender, zip code, and birth date,

    Log Files

    Similar to many websites, we automatically gather specific information and retain it in log files. Examples of this information could be IP address, browser types or pages you have visited. We may combine this with other information we have logged about you. This is done to improve the services and experience you have while on our site. In cases where we connect such information with personally identifiable data in a way that identifies an individual, we will treat all such data as personally identifiable information for the purposes defined in this Privacy Policy.

    Privacy Policy.


    Cookies, which are small text files, are commonly employed during website visits. On our websites, we utilize cookies and similar tools for various purposes. These tools assist us in recognizing returning visitors, storing data for future use, and tailoring our advertising efforts.

    When you utilize our services, you may encounter cookies or other comparable technologies, such as pixel tags, from us and third parties to gather information about our Services. A cookie is a tiny text file that gets placed on your computer when you visit a website. Tracking pixels, also known as web beacons or clear GIFs, are minuscule electronic tags with unique identifiers that are occasionally embedded in websites, online advertisements, or emails. They are designed to gather usage information, such as ad impressions (the number of times an ad is viewed) or clicks, in order to gauge the popularity of the Services and associated advertising. Tracking pixels can also access information stored in user cookies. Cookies can be set by us on the website you visit (referred to as "first-party cookies") or by third parties involved in delivering content, functionality, or services, such as analytics or advertising, for the website you visit (referred to as "third-party cookies").

    We employ cookies to ensure that you have a high-quality experience while using our Services. Additionally, cookies are used to display relevant advertising to you.

    You can customize your cookie settings in certain web browsers to accept, reject, or notify you about incoming cookies. However, rejecting cookies may limit some features on our Services and other websites. Blocking cookies could affect our ability to honor your opt-out preferences, and this setting may not be synchronized across different devices, like computers and mobile devices.

    Our Services also occasionally use "local shared objects" (also known as "Flash cookies"). Like browser cookies, Flash cookies may be used for coordinating content delivery, website functionality, maintaining preferences, advertising, or analytics. Unlike browser cookies, "Flash cookies" are not stored in the browser.

    How We May Disclose Your Information

    General Disclosure of Your Information

    We will share Your Information with third parties only in the ways that are described in this Privacy Policy.

    We may disclose Your Information:

    • With third parties when you engage in specific activities through our Services sponsored by them, such as purchasing products or services, receiving information or communications, or participating in contests. These parties may be interested in offering you products or services similar to ours. When shared, these third parties may compensate us, and Your Information will be subject to their practices, not limited by this Privacy Policy.
    • Anonymously and in an aggregated form with third parties for purposes like research, analysis, marketing, and advertising.
    • With individuals authorized to receive Your Information, such as your attorney, based on our reasonable judgment.
    • With our third-party vendors for support in our internal operations, including data processing, verification, storage, surveys, research, marketing, and maintenance of our Services.
    • As required by law, such as responding to legal processes, subpoenas, or court orders.
    • To enforce our agreements, policies, and rights or when necessary to address violations of laws or regulations or upon request from authorities or governing agencies.
    • In connection with business transfers or to affiliated companies under common control or management.

    If you wish to avoid sharing Your Information as described above, then please do not provide it to us.

    If you would like us to remove Your Information from our database please contact us at

    Aggregation and De-identifying Your Information

    We may remove characteristics of Your Information that make it personally identifiable (de-identifying Your Information) and aggregate it by combining it with other individuals. We reserve the right to disclose this aggregation of depersonalized information to third parties at any time without notice or compensation to you.

    Referral Information

    We may offer a referral program where you can invite your “Friends” to visit out site. If you elect to use this referral feature; you are warranting that you have that Friend’s consent to provide us with their information and we have their consent to automatically send email communications to the email address you provided for them. You also warrant that you wil not give us referral information for any person that is not allowed to use or who is under the age of 13, who has been suspended from our site or who lives in a country or territory is not authorized to do business.


    Participation in any sweepstakes we host is completely voluntary and therefore you have the option to provide Your Information. Refer to sweepstakes Official Rules regarding sharing of information related to that sweepstakes entry. If you do submit Your Information to us voluntarily with a sweepstakes entry, we reserve the right to share sell or rent that information for any lawful purpose at any time without notice or compensation to you.

    Breach of security safeguards

    We take cyber security and the safety of Your Information very seriously but nothing is 100% secure in todays world. Hence, regardless of any provisions in this Privacy Policy, our Terms of Use, or any other relevant agreement or policy, your utilization of our Services carries inherent risks. We do not provide assurances or guarantees, and you should not assume, that the confidentiality of Your Information will be unbreachable at all times. If unauthorized third parties breach our security safeguards, we shall not be held accountable for any direct or indirect consequences stemming from their unauthorized access, utilization, or sharing of Your information.

    Business Transfers

    We explicitly and clearly retain the authority to reveal, lease, trade, assign, or transmit Your Information, which we have gathered through our Services, along with any personal data stored in such databases, to third parties in association with a Business Transfer. A "Business Transfer" encompasses share or asset sales, acquisitions, mergers, consolidations, reorganizations, spin-offs, bankruptcies, or other corporate changes that involve us and/or our affiliates, even if such a Business Transfer is only under consideration. This holds true regardless of whether the Business Transfer pertains to a portion or the entirety of our business. Please understand that nothing in this Privacy Policy is intended to obstruct our capacity to transfer any portion or all of our business, equity, and/or assets, including our Services, to an affiliate or independent third party, at any time and for any lawful purpose, without necessitating compensation to you.

    User Generated Content

    We provide open-access blogs and interactive forums within our Services. Should you wish to have Your Information removed from our blog or community forum, please reach out to us at There may be situations where we are unable to remove Your Information, and in such cases, we will communicate the reasons for our inability to do so.

    Certain comment sections are managed by a third-party application that may require registration for posting comments. We do not possess control or access over the information posted in the blog. To have personal information posted in the comments section removed, you should contact or log in to the third-party application responsible. To understand how the third-party application handles your information, we recommend reviewing their privacy policy. Please be aware that you bear responsibility for any content, including personal information, that you contribute and allow to be published or displayed ("posted") on our Services, or that you transmit to other users of our Services (referred to as "User Generated Content"). Your User Generated Content is shared with and transmitted to other users of our Services at your own discretion and risk.

    Advertising Networks

    Periodically, we may engage with or utilize advertising networks, including third-party advertising servers, advertising agencies, technology providers, and research organizations. These third-party advertising networks serve various purposes, such as marketing, advertising, promotions, and delivering advertisements to you. These networks commonly collect information about individuals who view ads to deduce their interests and preferences, enabling them to present targeted advertisements matching the viewer's specific interests. This practice is commonly known as "online behavioral advertising." For instance, a third-party advertising network may gather data about the web browser you use, your computer's operating system, the domain of the websites you visit, your interaction with specific website pages, the presence of your Internet service provider, the date and time of your website visits, and other interactions between you and websites. To learn how to prevent specific third-party advertising networks from collecting your information, please refer to the section "How we Use and Disclose your Information and how to opt out" below.

    How We Use and Disclose Your Information and how to opt out

    Our aim is to offer you options when it comes to the handling of the personal information you share with us. Here are some methods that grant you influence over specific information:

    • Online Behavioral Advertising: Certain third-party advertising networks that deliver behavioral advertising are members of the Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”). You can prevent DAA member companies from collecting preference data about you by clicking here and following the DAA’s directions. If you opt out through the DAA and later delete your cookies, use a different browser or buy a new computer, you will need to renew your choice to opt out.
    • Cookies: If you do not wish us to collect cookies, you may set your browser to refuse cookies, or to alert you when cookies are being sent. This may affect your experience using our site and Services as we will be limited in the experience we can offer in some cases.
    • Accessing and Correcting Personal Information: If your personal information changes, or if you no longer desire our service, you may correct, update, amend, delete/remove by sending us an email at We will respond to your request within a reasonable timeframe.
    • Email Offers from Us: If you do not wish to receive email offers or newsletters from us please utilize the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails.

    Children's Information (Under the age of 13) is not intended for or encouraged for use by individuals under the age of thirteen (13). We do not knowingly gather or request any information from individuals under the age of 13, nor do we knowingly permit them to register as users. If we become aware that we have unintentionally obtained personal information from a child under the age of 13 without proper parental consent, we will promptly remove that information.

    If you suspect that we may have any information related to a child under 13, please reach out to us at

    Information You Disclose to Third Parties

    You might have the opportunity to receive information and/or marketing offers from third parties through our Services. Any data you share with these third parties will be subject to their respective privacy policies and practices. We bear no responsibility for the privacy policies and practices of these third parties; hence, it is advisable to thoroughly review their privacy policies and practices before sharing any information with them.

    External Links, Social Media Features & Third Party Widgets

    Our Services and email communications related to our Services may include links to third-party websites or grant access to websites operated by entities beyond our oversight. Please note that these links or access to third-party content do not constitute an endorsement by us of these third parties, their websites, applications, products, services, or practices. We assume no responsibility for the privacy policies, terms and conditions, practices, or content of these third parties. When visiting or accessing third-party websites, applications, or properties linked or accessed through our Services, we recommend reviewing their privacy policies and terms and conditions and contact them with any concerns directly.

    Additionally, our Services feature social media functionalities like "Like" and "Share" buttons, as well as links to our social media profiles and widgets. These functionalities may collect your IP address, track the page you are visiting on our site, and use cookies to ensure their proper operation. These social media features and widgets may be hosted by third parties or directly through our Services. Your interactions with these features are subject to the privacy policy of the company providing them.

    Services in the United States and territories

    Our Services operate within the United States and its territories. If you are situated outside of the United States, please note that any information you furnish to us will be transmitted to the United States. Your utilization of our Services or the provision of Your Information signifies your approval of this data transfer.

    Changes our Privacy Policy

    We retain the authority to modify, adjust, or revise this Privacy Policy at our sole discretion, with all alterations taking immediate effect. We encourage you to periodically revisit this Privacy Policy to stay informed about any updates. The date of the last modification will be displayed at the top of this page. Your ongoing access and usage of our Services following any such modifications will constitute your automatic acceptance of all changes.

    Contacting Us

    If you have questions or concerns about our privacy practices or wish to make a request regarding Your Information, please contact us at


    Individuals who are residents of California and have provided their personal information to us may request information regarding our disclosures, if any, of their personal information to third parties for direct marketing purposes. Such requests must be submitted to us at or in writing at:


    151 Calle San Francisco

    Suite 200 PMB 5364